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Products and services


At GOTTARDO we produce a vast range of products, all manufactured to the highest specifications using top  quality raw materials such as wood, aluminum, metal, High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and plastic.

The equipment we manufacture can be used not only in large public play areas but also for small confined spaces, and is ideally suited for use in shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, airports, schools including kindergartens and any other location which is meant to offer kids a fun, imaginative and safe play experience.

Our range of products is divided into various sections, from the traditional swings to multi activity play centres, sports/gym equipment, to specialized inclusive play equipment for persons with diverse mobility needs. The range comprises over 200 different structures that are ideal both for indoor and outdoor use.

At GOTTARDO we provide a complete service, from consultation, planning and design, to quotation and, if requested by the client, also assistance in the installation.
Apart from play equipment, at GOTTARDO we also manufacture a large selection of urban furnishings. In keeping with our core values of quality and safety, equipment is thoroughly checked and inspected prior to shipment in order to give our clients not only peace of mind but also ensure a smooth installation process.